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Map Controls

Finding touch points

About the Project

The focus of the the examples shown is to highlight the number of variations analyzed to meet the client’s requirements. A control set that can switch from 2D to 3D with minimal effort, always indicates north, useable on a variety of environmental backgrounds, etc...
More Testing

Shapes and Space

With a variety of input methods such as thumbs, index fingers, and styluses. We tested a number of shapes, the spacing between those shapes, and settled on a modified D-pad.

A touchscreen can be problematic for smaller interaction elements, designing those elements took a number of design cycles to find a shape, size, and space that fit the user's input method.

The added spacing helps in a few areas, it allowed the user to keep awareness of the environment beneath the elements and reduced unintended direction pressing.


All the colors

Keeping with the clean and simple mantra, a white primary color paired with a dark grey accent allowed the control set to be useable on a variety of backdrops.

To be safe, we tested a grouping of examples. The only big caveat was that the color red invoked a sense of error or harm, but its visibility on earthly environments was a consideration.